I sit on three educational boards and am thoroughly impressed at how dedicated teachers have been in working through this unprecedented situation.

Most of the teachers I know have families of their own and are — hear me now — prioritizing their classroom students over their own children!

“Thank You” is just not enough.

Head Coach Parents need Well-Supported Teachers

Teaching has got to be the hardest job in the world — and the second most important (second only to the “job” of parenting). So, during this time, if you know a teacher, now is the time to thank them. If you have any space in your life during these difficult days, now is the time to ask how YOU can help THEM.

Over the coming months, this blog will delve deeply into the sometimes troubled relationship between parents and teachers. And, to all you Head Coach parents out there, if you need any evidence that the teacher is the parent’s most critical Assistant Coach, you only have to take a moment and watch the effort that they are putting into trying to keep your kids learning. It is humbling to see close up.

Please use whatever space and time you have now, to thank them, and to offer YOUR assistance.

They deserve it now more than ever.