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The central question we explore through our work is, “How can parents improve their child’s educational journey REGARDLESS of the functioning of their school?”

We have seen the parental role change — especially during Coronavirus — and we offer parents practical guidance, support, coaching, and sometimes, a good kick in the pants to help them prepare their children for 21st Century.

Dr. Scott Van Beck


I’m Scott and I have worked in traditional and 21st Century learning models over 35 years. My career began as a teacher in the Houston Independent School District. Through my career, I had the opportunity to serve in leadership as a dean of instruction, a middle school principal (I was even honored as a principal of the year!), a high school principal and I finished as the West Region Superintendent responsible for 60 schools and 54,000 learners. I’ve learned a lot about how schools work — and how they don’t.

Matt Barnes


I’m a son, a spouse, a dad, an entrepreneur, and an active community member. Over the last 10-years, I have coached thousands of parents on how to grow their children into “self-directed learners for the 21st Century.”

Our kids have been educated in public, private, hybrid, virtual, and homeschool structures over the last 13 years. One is a valedictorian in his local public school, another started attending college at 15, and the other is starting a business at 14. We routinely use online, off-line, and experiential learning to build our children into Self-Directed Learners. The result is traditional academic success and readiness for the 21st-century.

How Our Work Helps You and Your Child

Dr. Scott and Matt are “learning experts” who have worked inside and outside of the school. Now we help parents learn what they MUST know to support authentic learning in their children.

Our writing, speaking, and workshops include topics like…

  • How the Parental Role has Shifted and What to do About it
  • What does “Learning Success” look like in the 21st century
  • How to Develop “Lovers of Literature” (yes, even boys)
  • Student Disengagement: The “Carbon-Monoxide” of Learning
  • How to Evaluate and use Online Learning Platforms
  • How to Inspire Your Teen
  • Building a 21st Century Learning Plan
  • Educating Towards a Creativity, Caring, and Competence
  • and more.

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