COVID: Education Smoke. Not Fire.

COVID is a minor educational problem. There, I said it. Truth. For decades, in the 7th largest district in the US — and in many schools around the world — the majority of kids are not mastering the basics (especially Black/Brown boys). Truth. COVID isn’t the crisis. It is short-term smoke from a long-term raging […]

The Death of Tiger Mom (Part 1 of 2)

It’s been over a decade since Amy Chua launched her notorious writing career describing the benefits of being a Tiger mom. In her book, she told how Asian moms were “better” and pointed to the exceptional academic performance of her children — and Asian children generally — as proof. And she’s right. Asian kids have, […]

To Parents with Black Boys

Parents with Black boys have been reminded that raising their sons is tricky/dangerous business. But we can be order out of the chaos… if we stay focused.