The Death of Tiger Mom (Part 1 of 2)

It’s been over a decade since Amy Chua launched her notorious writing career describing the benefits of being a Tiger mom. In her book, she told how Asian moms were “better” and pointed to the exceptional academic performance of her children — and Asian children generally — as proof. And she’s right. Asian kids have, […]

It’s All About Relationships

We all know that “without relationship, learning suffers.” Can’t we do better building relationships among learners and educators? It turns out that we can…

Writing as Learning

Writing is not what you think it is. “Writing is an act of discovery!” “Writing gives us power.” (says, Dr. Robin Reagler, longtime writing expert). Here’s a plan to improve your LEARNING through writing.

Smack Down Response to NYT Op Ed

Dr. Scott Van Beck takes on Harvard professor Jal Mehta’s recent op ed in the New York Times. This “Smack Down” hammers long-standing and antiquated beliefs about school (without using a folding chair!) Take a read and choose your side!