Eureka! I’ve found it!

The Holy Grail of education is in Alaska… well, kinda. A recent Wall Street Journal article pointed to, at least partly, the future of education, and my recent conversations with parents show that the future is nearer than we might think. In a remote part of Alaska, there is an odd school district. To most […]

Our Chance

I spoke with a teacher friend yesterday, who shared a letter she received from a parent. It read, “My son won’t even sit still for an hour! How the f*@k do you expect me to teach him all of this?!”  My Diagnosis: The parent is suffering from “Acute Homeschool Shock Syndrome.” It is not often […]

4 Steps for Dealing with the Social Challenges of Online Learning

Roberta is a Head Coach Parent. She is a single mother of three kids ages 5, 8, and 12 years. Her family has internet at home, and her kids share two tablets and a laptop between them. Yesterday, their school began offering online classes, and Roberta is struggling to adapt to this new model. Roberta […]

A Hidden Role for Parents During Coronavirus

I sit on three educational boards and am thoroughly impressed at how dedicated teachers have been in working through this unprecedented situation. Most of the teachers I know have families of their own and are — hear me now — prioritizing their classroom students over their own children! “Thank You” is just not enough. Head […]

(Part 3) Homeschooling like a Superhero (in 30 days)

One of my readers, Martha, asked for help in structuring her daughter’s day. Also, I got a note from a reader that said, “Our day vacillates from wildly awesome to total chaos and I want to run outside and not come back.” – Janie Yep… been there and felt that. What Would “Coach” Do? Coach […]

Homeschooling like a Superhero (in 30 days)

Can I Help You? Over the last week, I’ve received dozens of calls from friends who are now struggling to “figure out” how to school their kids at home. And I’ve got news for you, schooling a child at home is NOTHING LIKE teaching a child in a school. So, the advice you might be […]

The Playbook for Highly Engaged Parents

Losing Trust She asked me with surprisingly little emotion in her voice. “Why should I trust anything you say,” she started. “After the corruption, dysfunction, and failed promises, how can any parent trust you…” her voice trailed off as she looked for the right words. “…to trust you to make sure that MY child is […]