The Unbundling of Education

COVID is massively accelerating the “unbundling of education.” Instead of a “one-size-fits-few” model, COVID is driving innovation, experimentation and personalization (finally!). Welcome to the future of education… don’t mind the mess.

Our Chance

I spoke with a teacher friend yesterday, who shared a letter she received from a parent. It read, “My son won’t even sit still for an hour! How the f*@k do you expect me to teach him all of this?!”  My Diagnosis: The parent is suffering from “Acute Homeschool Shock Syndrome.” It is not often […]

The Playbook for Highly Engaged Parents

Losing Trust She asked me with surprisingly little emotion in her voice. “Why should I trust anything you say,” she started. “After the corruption, dysfunction, and failed promises, how can any parent trust you…” her voice trailed off as she looked for the right words. “…to trust you to make sure that MY child is […]