Blame Thomas Friedman (Part 1)

Parents: What’s your reaction to Thomas Friedman’s quote? “ a world where you will change jobs and professions several times, the self-motivation to be a lifelong learner will be paramount.” It’s time to pivot to a different type of learning.

The Art of Negotiation

When I was a high school principal, I was visited by many middle class parents asking favors for their children. Here’s what parents need to know to negotiate improved learning for their children. (Part 1)

How Do You Eat an Elephant?

I spoke with a parent today whose 7-year-old will be expected to spend many hours on, or near, the computer each day. Really?! This rigid, “More is Better” model of learning will not lead to a love of learning, student engagement, or learning independence.
Instead, consider an integrated, “Less but Better” approach… and decide which will work better for you and your young learner.

Fear-Less This Fall: A Parent Story

Every parent is feeling afraid. Their fear comes, in part, because they have not clearly defined their risks and developed mitigation strategies. Here is one parent’s story.

COVID Almost Killed Me and FrankenSchool Tried to Kill My Child’s Education

COVID almost killed me and FrankenSchool almost killed my kid’s education. No one can convince me that restarting traditional school in the fall makes sense. The risks are too high for too many. But there is another way: home learning. It will be hard… but the benefits far outweigh the risks. Let me show you how.

To Parents with Black Boys

Parents with Black boys have been reminded that raising their sons is tricky/dangerous business. But we can be order out of the chaos… if we stay focused.

Eureka! I’ve found it!

The Holy Grail of education is in Alaska… well, kinda. A recent Wall Street Journal article pointed to, at least partly, the future of education, and my recent conversations with parents show that the future is nearer than we might think. In a remote part of Alaska, there is an odd school district. To most […]