The Death of Tiger Mom (Part 1 of 2)

It’s been over a decade since Amy Chua launched her notorious writing career describing the benefits of being a Tiger mom. In her book, she told how Asian moms were “better” and pointed to the exceptional academic performance of her children — and Asian children generally — as proof. And she’s right. Asian kids have, […]

How Your Child Rocks Learning!

Dr. Scott pays tribute to arguably the greatest rock guitarist ever – Eddie Van Halen – in this blog discussing interest-based learning. Van Halen epitomized the pursuit of interest-based learning as he perfected playing the electric guitar while inventing a number of innovations connected with that same instrument. Parents! Can you form a plan to support your child’s interest/passion/drive? Read on for tips on how to do it.

Two Pathways to a Learning Pod

Learning Pods — which are a form of “Microschool” — are set to revolutionize learning. Parents keep asking us, “how to establish a FUN, FAIR, and POSITIVE learning pod?” Here’s how.

Looking for the “Sick and Tireds of Being Sick and Tired”

Are you a parent who is dissatisfied with your child’s learning? We mean, REALLY dissatisfied? Are you “sick and tired” of 1) schools that produce students who can’t learn on their own, 2) of feeling ignored by your school, 3) of a school system that is stuck in time? If yes, then for the sake of your child, it’s time to build a new approach.

(Part 2) Blame Thomas Friedman

Part 2 of “Blame Thomas Friedman” contains a simple “baby step” suggestion to help parents build self-motivation and self-direction in their children. (Maybe you’ll even thank Mr. Friedman… one day.)

Parents ≥ Teachers

I was a middle school and high school principal for 10 years. During that time, I saw many parents who allowed teachers or principals to make all the decisions about their child’s learning, with little or no input from the parent. It’s time to flip the script.

Blame Thomas Friedman (Part 1)

Parents: What’s your reaction to Thomas Friedman’s quote? “ a world where you will change jobs and professions several times, the self-motivation to be a lifelong learner will be paramount.” It’s time to pivot to a different type of learning.

The Art of Negotiation

When I was a high school principal, I was visited by many middle class parents asking favors for their children. Here’s what parents need to know to negotiate improved learning for their children. (Part 1)

Toilet paper or diploma? – that is the question.

Self-directed learning is the undiscussed civil rights issue of our time. When a learner is able to define, plan, execute, and evaluate their own learning they cease being owned by the traditional school system. The learner now possesses skills they own and cannot be taken away for a lifetime.