Death of Tiger Mom (part 2 of 2)

I am continuing my attempts to declaw Tiger-parents. Click here for last week’s post. As a reminder, I am a Black man. I have a Black son. I am recovering from life as an Asian Tiger mom. These may seem unrelated, but they are linked.  Tiger moms represent one side of the educational spectrum. They […]

Baby, You Can Drive My Car

Teaching our kids how to be self-directed, independent, life-long learners intimidates us as much as teaching them to drive a car. But we do teach our kids how to drive and eventually get comfortable letting them take total control of a 4,000-lb metal box capable of going 100 miles per hour down the highway. Why is it we’re not ready to teach them how to take total control of their own learning? Parents, it’s time to step up!

A Different Educational Show

What does it take to educate a child during COVID? This show describes the centrality of the parent in education and how COVID is forcing parents to reassert themselves. Typically, parents receive no encouragement or coaching in how to become truly “empowered” or why it matters. Now, because of COVID, parents are asking new questions, […]

(part 2) Homeschooling like a Superhero (in 30 days)

Thanks for the feedback folks. I’m better understanding what you need. You need PRACTICAL TOOLS IN A HURRY. I got you… Today’s blog will be about two critical areas upon which you should focus: 1) Home Learning Resources and 2) How to Structure the Day (this will be in my next post). Free Learning Resources […]