Profile of a Self-Directed Learner: Olivia Barnes

Meet Olivia, a 16-year-old who quit a prestigious high school after completing a straight-A freshman year. She loved the school. She loved the people. But she hated the confinement. Olivia is reinventing education (Learn more about her at her website: BlackLifeBlueWorld)

Two Sisters who are Learning (MORE?) During COVID

Local NPR reporter Laura Isensee interviewed two students about their experience with COVID. We tracked down these young learners to hear more about how learning has changed — and improved?! — during COVID. Here’s an interview with learners for a change.

Amy Anderson – ReSchool Colorado

ReSchool is one of the signature programs that works directly with learners, families and communities on research and programming to address gaps in the education ecosystem.

Black Girl Magic School: A MicroSchool Built for Kids!

MUST LISTEN: Imagine what these children are receiving — not only in book smarts… but in confidence, agency, and character. Wouldn’t you want this for your child? If so, we’ll show how in future episodes.

The Path Forward: 2021

We are done with 2020. Now we look forward to several shows about the future of learning. Today’s episode frames that pathway.

Good Riddance! A Year in Review

Happy Holidays from The Education Game. In this final 2020 podcast, Matt and Dr. Scott discuss five things we’ve learned as a country about virtual learning. Spoiler alert: We have work to do.

Judith Cruz and Dianne Johnson: Refreshingly Honest

Description: A surprisingly honest interview from a former and current school board member of the 7th largest school district in the country (Houston Independent School District).

Learning Innovator: Cath Fraise

Imagine an educational environment that offered creative, challenging, and collaborative learning opportunities while also preparing children (and their parents) for the future of work and society. Meet Cath Fraise of “Workspace Education” and “100 Roads

Learning Innovator: Tory Gattis

What do those on the cutting edge of learning think the future will look like? Imagine a future where “school” is replaced by “what works for kids.” MicroSchools, flexibility, emphasis on learning not grades, etc. Listen to Tory to see the future.

What does a former State Superintendent of Ohio think about the state of schools?

Dr. Susan Zelman is an educational “insider” who thinks like an outsider. As a parent and grandparent, she has seen the system problems close up and is now writing a book that discusses “The Buying and Selling of American Students.

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