The Promise and the Plan


The Education Game believes that parents — not schools — are the leaders of a child’s education and future. We also believe that…

Every PARENT Must Make
For their Child’s Learning

Your PROMISE is to make your child into:

  • a Master Reader
  • a Top-Notch Communicator
  • an Awesome Problem Solver
  • a person of Unsurpassed Character

We help you build your PLAN with:

  • The Scouting Report (FREE)
  • The Game Plan (FREE)
  • Online Courses to Help Build your Plan
  • Ongoing Individual and Group Support

You Make the Promise.
Together, We’ll Make the Plan.

Step 1:

Download and Complete Your Free Scouting Report

Step 2:

Review the Promise and Plan Kick Off Videos

The Promise and the Plan (Full Webinar)

The Promise and the Plan (Full Webinar)

Continuum of Learning


Our Role, What We Do, and What We Believe

Matt’s Story

Scott’s Story

Step 3:

Receive Feedback from Matt and Dr. Scott

We will review your Scouting Report, give you our feedback, and begin helping you to develop your individualized Plan.

Step 4:

Sign up for Email Invitations to Live Webinars, Video Updates, and Coaching Support

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